The options now available to Portner divorce clients

Published on 24.01.22
Published on 24.01.22

The family team at boutique West End solicitors’ firm Portner is leading the way in offering a variety of ways to resolve matrimonial and family disputes:


     1. Acting for both parties

For parties that are amicable and/or both want to use a new and fresh approach to resolution.


     2. Shuttle mediation

For parties seeking a facilitator, not a legal advisor and want to avoid any face-to-face contact with their former partner.


     3. Arbitration

For parties that are looking to address one specific issue that is inhibiting negotiations and settlement and/or those requiring a swift resolution.


     4. Court Procedure

Necessary for parties in high conflict divorce, who doubt the other party’s integrity and honesty and/or are victims or the perpetrators of narcissistic behaviour.  The court procedure is used to ensure accurate, full, and frank disclosure from both parties.


     5. Private Settlement Hearings (FDRs)

For clients satisfied with the disclosure (and reports) obtained at 4 above and want to progress to a swift settlement hearing.  In such circumstances the court has been unable to list the settlement hearing within a time frame that suits the parties.  


If you want a more tailored and considered approach on how to resolve your dispute, please contact Teena Dhanota-Jones [email protected]