How different would Davina McCall’s legal position be if she had remained unmarried, like Ryan Gosling, Ricky Gervais and Oprah Winfrey?


Just before Christmas, TV presenter Davina McCall became the latest celebrity to announce the break up of her marriage. What would her current legal position be if, like some other celebrities, and millions across the UK, she had chosen to cohabit with husband Matthew rather than tie the knot?

How do you evict a residential tenant who has not paid their rent?


One of the questions we are frequently asked is how to handle a residential tenant who does not pay his or her rent. Adam King looks at the legal process for recovering rent and evicting a tenant.

Stamp Duty update – First Time Buyer Relief


After much tinkering over the past few years, a relatively simple Stamp Duty Land Tax regime has become so complex it has left conveyancers scratching their heads and accountants rubbing their hands with glee. To confuse matters further, the chancellor recently announced a new stamp duty relief for first time buyers. Daniel Broughton and Sophie Upton look at the new rules and ask if they will work or is it merely political spin?

How cafés such as Caffé Nero and Pret are exploiting a planning loophole


Do cafés and sandwich shops such as Caffé Nero, Subway and Pret fall within use class A1 or A3 and what difference does it make? Robyn Worley takes a look.

What grounds does Louise Redknapp have to divorce husband Jamie?


After weeks of speculation, the tabloids have been full of the news that celebrity couple Jamie and Louise Redknapp are to divorce. Mark Goldstein takes a look at what will happen next.

Writing your Will – How to avoid disputes


When an individual makes a Will, they do so to create certainty as to their wishes, and reduce the stress and worry about what is to happen to their assets once they have passed away. It is therefore important that these wishes are detailed as clearly as possible in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion and disputes.

Are pre-nuptial agreements enforceable?


The short answer is ‘no’ but that is by no means the whole story and they are still recommended for couples about to tie the knot.

Why pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements are not just for the super-rich


The discovery of a 4,000-year-old pre-nuptial agreement in Turkey recently is a good reminder that pre-nuptials are not always about money.

Avoiding the penalty


The recent case of Vivienne Westwood Ltd v Conduit Street Developments Limited [2017] EWCH 350 (Ch) considered the enforceability of onerous terms in a side agreement to a lease and provides a stark warning to landlords.

Grounds for Divorce


The quickie divorce for celebrities simply does not happen. It is a media misconception. It is often reported that Mr or Mrs X were divorced in 100 seconds. The reality is that celebrities are no more important than any other individual seeking a divorce and do not obtain a divorce any quicker.