The rise of the silver splitters – what happens when older couples divorce?


They are known as the “silver splitters” and there are more of them than ever before. We look at the issues faced by older couples on divorce.

Why is it important to have a list of fixtures and fittings attached to the contract when buying or selling land?


One of the most contentious issues is whether items on a property are fixtures or fittings and, therefore, whether they are included in the sale.

What impact is the internet and social media having on rising divorce rates?


There will be a surge in divorces after the Easter just as there are when people return to work in the New Year and at the end of the summer holidays. How much of this is due to people spending time staring at mobile telephones, iPads and other electronic devices rather than their loved ones?

How mediation can help avoid a confrontational divorce


Not every divorce has to be acrimonious. Mediation, alongside legal advice, can be an excellent way to resolve your divorce quickly, amicably and with lower legal costs than if you go through the courts

How should cohabiting couples or friends protect themselves when they buy property together?


With more and more people cohabiting without getting married, James Chadwick looks at what steps cohabiting couples or friends should take when buying property together.

How has the government responded to the ground rent scandal?


Partner Daniel Broughton looks at the government's response to the recent ground rent scandal and the exploitation by landlords of tenants of leasehold houses

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enter into a pre-nuptial agreement before their wedding in May?


The highest profile wedding of 2018 will undoubtedly be the one between Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle in May. But will they sign a pre-nuptial agreement before they walk down the aisle? And if they do, what should they put in it and will it be enforceable?

Can a deposit of more than 10% be forfeited if the buyer fails to complete?


On exchange of contracts, it is usual for the buyer to pay the seller a 10% deposit of the purchase price. Any defaulting buyer is obliged to forfeit the deposit to the seller in remedy for their breach of contract. However, there remains an uncertain area of law concerning whether or not larger deposits (above 10%) actually make the contract voidable entitling the buyer to receive their deposit back. This article explores the case law surrounding the issue and analyses the potential impact this could have upon the market

How Ant McPartlin may be able to avoid paying his wife half of his estimated £62m fortune


There has been much speculation in the press that Ant McPartlin’s wife Lisa will receive half of his estimated £62m fortune on their impending divorce. But will Ant be able to rely on the “special contribution” argument to reduce the amount he has to pay?

Divorce myth-busting: the couple’s assets are always divided 50/50


What share of the family assets will you receive if you get divorced? You may think that you will automatically be entitled to half of the assets but this isn’t strictly true. We look at the how the courts decide how a couple’s assets are to be divided and why a recent Court of Appeal decision means pre-nuptial agreements are more important than ever.