Residential Conveyancing

What effect will a new government have on the residential property market?


The announcement of the general election appears to have led the housing market into yet another period of uncertainty, with Rightmove reporting a 1% decline in average house prices in November. In this article, Jessica Scarlett explores what effect a new government could mean for the residential property market, based on the manifesto promises of the major parties.

Divorce and Family

Should you start a new relationship during your divorce?


It can be tempting after your marriage has broken down to dive straight into a new relationship. But would that be wise? What impact can a new relationship have on your divorce and, in particular, the financial settlement?

Residential Conveyancing

The importance of a proper drainage and water search when purchasing your new home


When purchasing a house or flat, your solicitor should carry out all the necessary searches, and these are compulsory if you are obtaining a mortgage. One of these is a drainage and water search. In this blog, we explain why carrying out the correct water and drainage search is so important for home buyers.

Divorce and Family

Judge orders child to live with his father due to mother’s alienation


In this blog, I consider a recent case in which a judge ordered the transfer of residence of a 12-year-old boy from his mother to his father as a result of the mother alienating the boy from his father.

Commercial property

High Court decision in Debenhams CVA case offers little comfort to landlords


Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) have become a popular way for struggling retailers to reduce their costs, in particular, liabilities under their leases. In this blog, Adam King looks at the recent High Court decision to reject a claim by a group of Debenhams’ landlords who challenged the legality of the retailer’s recent CVA. The decision has important and, for the most part, negative implications for landlords of retail property.

Divorce and Family

Should the law be changed to ensure children spend equal time with each parent after divorce?


One of the biggest anxieties for parents getting divorced is the arrangements for their children. Many clients are surprised when I tell them that there is no legal presumption that children should spend equal time with both parents. In this blog, I consider whether the law should be changed to specify this as a starting point.


Government issues new guide for landlords and tenants in the private rented sector


The government has issued updated guidance for landlords and tenants who let or rent a property in the private rented sector. It is intended to help tenants understand their rights and obligations when renting from a private sector landlord. It also provides important information for landlords about their legal requirements and the standards they must adhere to.

Commercial property

'Pet rent' is a glaring loophole in the new Tenant Fees Act


For many years, residential landlords in the UK have faced scrutiny over their forever rising letting fees. The government finally took action this summer with the introduction of the Tenant Fees Act, which bans many of the more egregious practices. But some landlords are fighting back by charging tenants an entirely new rent: 'pet rent'.

Residential Conveyancing

Welcome back to Elena Stylianou, head of our Wills and Probate department and Residential Property solicitor


Elena works with both UK and non-UK clients on Wills and probate matters, and specialises in inheritance tax advice and Lasting Powers of Attorneys

Divorce and Family

What happens to money provided by the bank of mum and dad if their child gets divorced?


The bank of mum and dad can be remarkably generous when it comes to helping their children buy a property. Unlike other banks, BoMaD (as it is known) can also be remarkably naïve when it comes to protecting their money. In this blog, I look at what can happen if a child who has been lent money by BoMaD gets divorced.