Wills and Probate

5 reasons why you shouldn’t make your own Will despite the lockdown


The Covid-19 crisis has prompted many people to try their hand at things usually done by experts. Luckily there’s no long-term damage from a wonky haircut or a burnt loaf of banana bread, but the same can’t always be said for DIY Wills. Unfortunately, failing to get it right when making a Will can have serious consequences. In this article, our head of Wills and Probate, Elena Stylianou, explains why making your own Will is not generally a good idea.

Residential Conveyancing

Landmark Supreme Court judgment upholds decision on absolute covenants in residential leases


A recent decision of the Supreme Court will have a significant effect on how landlords deal with applications by tenants in residential blocks for consent to do something prohibited by an absolute covenant in their lease. In this article, we look at the recent decision in Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Ltd [2020] UKSC 18 (6 May 2020).


​UPDATE: Government Advice on Moving House and Conveyancing


The Government issued advice last night on moving home and we are here to update you.

Residential Conveyancing

Implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Property Market


​As the world works hard to fight the coronavirus outbreak, the expectation is that its effects on market confidence will be short lived. Most of those involved in the residential market, with long-term views, will remain undeterred throughout this period. History has certainly shown that while markets do take a fall during an outbreak, they are usually resilient and bounce back relatively quickly.

Commercial property

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update


​With the continued situation regarding COVID-19 our priority is to ensure first and foremost the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients.

Company commercial

Robert Gould career story


Robert joined Portner as a partner in January to head up our Corporate Commercial department. We spoke to him about his career to date.

Residential Conveyancing

Why new homes warranties are not the guarantee buyers hope for and what they can do about it


A recent decision in the Court of Appeal highlights the extent to which companies that offer new home construction warranties will seek to wriggle out of their obligations. This is a major concern for buyers of new homes who rely on these warranties for the supposed peace of mind they offer. In this article, partner Mitchell Griver examines the Court of Appeal decision and what steps buyers of new homes should take to protect themselves before they buy.

Residential Conveyancing

Buying property at auction – buyer beware


An increasing number of properties are being sold at auctions up and down the country as more people are becoming aware of the opportunity to acquire property at what many consider to be below market prices. In this blog, partner Sam Rosenthal examines the risks involved for buyers who are considering buying at auction.

Residential Conveyancing

Buying a property – what's involved and how long will it take?


I am often asked by buyers, either first time buyers or buyers who have not purchased a property for a number of years, for a brief synopsis of the buying process. The following is an outline of that process, which I hope you find useful.

Divorce and Family

Why Paul Hollywood was wise to settle his financial proceedings in arbitration


Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has resolved the financial arrangements in his £10m divorce from ex-wife Alexandra in arbitration, according to reports in the press last month. Arbitration is not confined just to celebrities. It has several advantages compared to going to court, including speed, confidentiality, lower legal costs and the trauma of having to attend court. This can be frightening for some people, anxious and stressful about what to expect in court and the potential hostility of coming face to face with their husband or wife.