Family Court updates Standard Family Orders

Published on 25.05.23
Published on 25.05.23

The Family Court has revised the Standard Family Orders (SFO) following a consultation with judges, barristers, family solicitors and interested organisations. Head of Family Teena Dhanota-Jones was one of 10 family solicitors named as having taken part in the consultation.

Standard Family Orders cover situations that regularly arise in divorce, financial remedy and children proceedings. They have the status of ‘forms’ under the Financial Procedure Rules, which means they should be used in family disputes, but the parties and the court can adapt them as appropriate.

Earlier this month, Mr Justice Peel announced changes to the SFOs following the completion of a consultation that began in January 2022.

Several changes have been made to the SFOs, including in relation to remote hearings and electronic bundles, the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 and changes brought about by the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. A list of the changes can be found here.

In announcing the changes, Mr Justice Peel named the respondents to the consultation, who included our Head of Family, Teena Dhanota-Jones.

If you require further information about divorce, financial settlements on divorce or any other family matter, please contact Teena Dhanota-Jones at [email protected].

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