Divorce and Family

The confusion surrounding pre-nups highlighted in recent case


I have previously posted various articles in relation to pre-nups, more particularly with regards to the nature of the agreements, the law and their enforceability. Following a recent case, it is important to remember that in respect of financial issues “needs” trumps everything.

Divorce and Family

Civil partnerships could be open to opposite-sex couples following Supreme Court decision


The Supreme Court has determined that a heterosexual couple were discriminated against because the law does not allow them to enter into a civil partnership.

Divorce and Family

Are we getting closer to no-fault divorce?


A soon to be released Supreme Court judgement, as well as comments by the Lord Chancellor and the President of the Family Division indicate that we may be heading towards radical changes in divorce and family law, including ‘no-fault’ divorce.

Divorce and Family

Who keeps the family pet on divorce?


As a nation of animal lovers, it is no surprise that one of the biggest ‘bones’ of contention many couples face on divorce is who gets the family pet.

Is this the end of ‘meal ticket for life’ maintenance orders?


An application by a divorcee to increase her £175,000 a year joint lives maintenance payment backfired when the Court of Appeal ordered instead that her maintenance stop in three years’ time.

The rise of the silver splitters – what happens when older couples divorce?


They are known as the “silver splitters” and there are more of them than ever before. We look at the issues faced by older couples on divorce.

Why is it important to have a list of fixtures and fittings attached to the contract when buying or selling land?


One of the most contentious issues is whether items on a property are fixtures or fittings and, therefore, whether they are included in the sale.

What impact is the internet and social media having on rising divorce rates?


There will be a surge in divorces after the Easter just as there are when people return to work in the New Year and at the end of the summer holidays. How much of this is due to people spending time staring at mobile telephones, iPads and other electronic devices rather than their loved ones?

How mediation can help avoid a confrontational divorce


Not every divorce has to be acrimonious. Mediation, alongside legal advice, can be an excellent way to resolve your divorce quickly, amicably and with lower legal costs than if you go through the courts

How should cohabiting couples or friends protect themselves when they buy property together?


With more and more people cohabiting without getting married, James Chadwick looks at what steps cohabiting couples or friends should take when buying property together.