Is now the best time to transfer property owned by non-resident (offshore) companies to individual names?


With many of the tax benefits of owning UK property via offshore companies coming to an end and values having been static or even decreased since 2015, now may be a good time to transfer such properties into individual names. Christina Antonas and David Baker look at the benefits of doing so.

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Amazon boss Jeff Bezos didn’t have a pre-nuptial agreement – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either


The newspapers have been full of reports that the Amazon boss’s failure to put in place a pre-nuptial agreement is likely to cost him a cool $70bn. This implies that pre-nups are all about money and only the concern of the super-rich. This is not the case. The use of pre-nups is growing, especially among millennials, and for good reason.

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Wife not bound by “unfair” pre-nup says Court of Appeal


The ex-wife of racing driver Kenny Brack could be entitled to half his £11.4m fortune despite signing three pre-nups agreeing to receive just £500,000 if they broke up. On the face of it, the decision of the Court of Appeal does little to clarify the confusion around the enforceability of pre-nuptial agreements.

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Is my ex-spouse entitled to a share of my inheritance on divorce?


You might expect that an inheritance received during your marriage, for example from a relative, will be excluded from the marital pot on divorce. But this isn’t necessarily the case, as I examine in this blog.

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Landlords beware: consenting to a tenant’s alterations despite absolute prohibition could put you in breach of your covenant to enforce obligations


A recent Court of Appeal decision has highlighted the importance of a landlord of residential flats acting in accordance with its leasehold obligations when an application is made by a tenant. We consider the decision in Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 2298 and its implications

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The UK property market revolution is set to continue in 2019


It is no exaggeration to say that the UK property market is undergoing a revolution at the moment. The housing crisis has prompted some radical proposals from the government, the high street seems to be in its death throes and the traditional office market is being transformed by the rise of co-working and flexible workspace. As we head into 2019, partner Mitchell Griver looks at the changes taking place and what we can expect in the new year.

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The curse of Strictly strikes again – should you name the lover in the divorce petition?


Emotions are bound to run high if you discover your spouse has been cheating on you. If this happens to you and you decide the relationship is beyond repair, your knee-jerk reaction may be to insist that your husband or wife’s lover is named and shamed in the divorce petition. But is this the best course of action?

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My husband/wife is ignoring my divorce petition. What can I do?


If your husband or wife refuses to acknowledge service of the divorce petition you have served on them, there are steps you can take. In this article, I look at what these are.


Purchasing a property with a short lease – what options does a buyer have?


Many buyers find their dream home, only to discover during the conveyancing process that the lease is problematically short. Usually, lenders require a minimum of 85 years left to run on the lease before they are willing to lend. Similarly, buyers are often worried if the term remaining on the lease is around 80 years, as the premium payable to acquire an extension increases drastically once the lease falls below this period. Is there anything a buyer can do in these situations?


Dreamvar decision is bad news for conveyancers but good news for victims of property fraud


Imagine that you are walking down the road and notice that there are builders at your property carrying out extensive renovation works. Naturally, you walk into the property to find out what is going on only to be told that they have been engaged by the ‘owner’ of the property, a developer. To your horror, you learn that your property had been ‘sold’ to the developer by a fraudster. Do you still own the property? Who is to blame?