Divorce and Family

Don’t or won’t pay: family court to get tough on non-payment of financial orders


The enforcement of financial orders on divorce is an area fraught with difficulty but, at last, the government is taking steps to make it easier. We look at the proposals.

Divorce and Family

Should you enter into a separation agreement when you split from your partner?


A separating couple will not always want to issue divorce proceedings. Instead, they may prefer to sign an agreement that deals with their finances or arrangements for their children before ultimately dealing with the divorce. In this article, we look at separation agreements and whether they might be an option for you if you and your partner are considering separating.

Commercial property

New ground rent scandal is making it impossible for some leasehold owners to sell their property


A complete overhaul of ground rents is long overdue but with parliamentary time largely taken up with Brexit it would seem the issue is not going to be addressed any time soon. We look at a new problem relating to ground rents that is resulting in some leasehold owners being unable to sell their property – making ground rent reform more urgent than ever.

Divorce and Family

Supreme Court decision is a blow for advocates of no-fault divorce


The Supreme Court ruled today that a woman must remain married to her husband against her will after deciding that her husband’s behaviour was not unreasonable.

Divorce and Family

Why every cohabiting couple should enter into a ‘no-nup’ agreement


Cohabiting couples are the second largest type of family in the UK after married or civil partnership families and the fastest growing. But they do not have the same legal rights, and couples who live together without entering into a cohabitation agreement are making a big mistake.

Divorce and Family

The confusion surrounding pre-nups highlighted in recent case


I have previously posted various articles in relation to pre-nups, more particularly with regards to the nature of the agreements, the law and their enforceability. Following a recent case, it is important to remember that in respect of financial issues “needs” trumps everything.

Divorce and Family

Civil partnerships could be open to opposite-sex couples following Supreme Court decision


The Supreme Court has determined that a heterosexual couple were discriminated against because the law does not allow them to enter into a civil partnership.

Divorce and Family

Are we getting closer to no-fault divorce?


A soon to be released Supreme Court judgement, as well as comments by the Lord Chancellor and the President of the Family Division indicate that we may be heading towards radical changes in divorce and family law, including ‘no-fault’ divorce.

Divorce and Family

Who keeps the family pet on divorce?


As a nation of animal lovers, it is no surprise that one of the biggest ‘bones’ of contention many couples face on divorce is who gets the family pet.

Is this the end of ‘meal ticket for life’ maintenance orders?


An application by a divorcee to increase her £175,000 a year joint lives maintenance payment backfired when the Court of Appeal ordered instead that her maintenance stop in three years’ time.