Divorce and Family

Divorce jargon buster


It’s not unusual for clients to leave their divorce lawyer’s office somewhat bewildered. The legal process can be hard to get to grips with and it isn’t helped by having to learn what can seem like a whole new language. With this in mind, we’ve put together a divorce jargon buster.

Divorce and Family

To avoid fighting like cats and dogs, should you enter into a “pet-nuptial” agreement?


Some of the fiercest battles I have seen in divorce cases over the years haven’t been over the cars, the house or even the children, they’ve been about who keeps the family pet. Given the emotional toll of being parted from your favorite animal – or as some clients describe them, their “hairy babies” – should you enter into a “pet-nuptial” agreement in case you and your spouse get divorced?

Divorce and Family

What happens if your ex-husband or wife lies about their financial position on divorce?


The recent decision in Thum v Thum is a reminder that both parties must give full and frank disclosure of their financial circumstances in any financial dispute on divorce. In this blog, I look at the law in general relating to such disclosure and the decision in the Thum case.

Divorce and Family

Wife entitled to make financial claim on divorce despite receiving $16m on judicial separation


A wealthy businessman applied to strike out his wife’s claim for financial relief on divorce on the basis that it was vexatious, duplicitous and she had received $16m under a prior judicial settlement. His application failed. In this blog, I look at the reasons for the decision.

Divorce and Family

No-fault divorce law to go ahead


The government has confirmed plans to introduce no-fault divorce. No date for this has been set as the new law will be passed as and when parliamentary time becomes available. (This could take some time bearing in mind the continuing Brexit shenanigans.)

Residential Conveyancing

Tax tribunal decision is good news for residential developers


It’s been a difficult start to the year for many residential property developers, but a recent tax tribunal offers a small ray of sunshine.

Debt recovery

6 ways to enforce a County Court judgment


Anyone who has obtained a county court judgment (CCJ) against an individual or a company who owes them money knows that this is just part of the story. A judgment is only of value if you can recover the sum due plus interest and your costs. In this blog, I look at ways to enforce a CCJ.

Divorce and Family

Beware the perils of the DIY divorce


​In theory, you don't need a solicitor to get divorced. You could either do it yourself online or use an internet company, with some companies advising that they will process the paperwork for as little as £67. This may sound like a bargain, but only until you become aware of the risks of the DIY divorce.

Divorce and Family

​Mark Goldstein appointed as partner


Head of Divorce and Family, and Asset and Debt Recovery joins the partnership with effect from 1 March.

Divorce and Family

6 benefits of using mediation on divorce rather than going to court


For many divorcing couples, mediation is the last thing on their minds. If the relationship has turned toxic, they may be relishing the prospect of going to court, whatever the financial or emotional cost may be. Tempting as it may be to fight their battles before a judge, they could be far better off settling their issues before a mediator. In this blog, I look at what you can expect from mediation and at some of its advantages compared to having your day in court.